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Reach Girls with GM Week Activities

Reach Girls with GM Week Activities

Posted on: August 30, 2011
Written by: 
Mégan Alba

Girls Ministry Week is right around the corner! This annual event, scheduled for September 11-17, is set aside as a time for churches to highlight ministry to girls and share their accomplishments with the congregation. This year's theme is "Double Dare." The challenge relies around two "dares": dare girls to discover who they are in Christ, and dare them to declare the love of God to the world.

"Girls' Ministries Day is the perfect opportunity for the local church to showcase its ministry to girls," said Irvina Parker, director of Girls' Ministries. "When you recognize GM Day, it honors those leaders who are giving their time and energy to teach the girls, and it  lets the girls know you recognize them as an important part of the church body."

The Girls' Ministries website has a host of resources for this event, including a planning packet and bonus ideas which are available for a limited time.

Parker said it's important for churches to highlight ministry to girls, and to ensure that they are providing quality teaching and guidance as they grow. "If you watch television or listen to the news, you know that our girls are bombarded every day with messages contrary to God's Word and Christian morals," she said. "The club curriculum used by Girls' Ministries teaches sound, Bible-based principles relevant to the issues they face."

To learn more or to start a Girls' ministry in your church, visit the Girls' Ministries website.

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