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Pentecostal Leaders Convene in Atlanta

Pentecostal Leaders Convene in Atlanta

Posted on: August 14, 2012
IPHC representatives meet to discuss globalization
Written by: 
Mégan Alba
Reggie Thomas, Presiding Bishop, IPHC South Africa; Rev. Donavan Ng, Field Superintendent, Hong Kong; Presiding Bishop Doug Beacham, IPHC Ministries; Gordon McDonald, General Superintendent, IPHC Canada; Teo Bulzan, National Superintendent, IPHC Romania.

IPHC leaders recently wrapped up two days of meetings in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of the gathering was to follow up on the IPHC Task Force on globalizing the church. 

The task force was represented by the Executive Committee of the Council of Bishops, World Missions Ministries Continental Directors, and international representatives from Hong Kong, South Africa, and Canada.

According to Presiding Bishop Doug Beacham, “Discussions were fruitful and moved forward with a sense of divine direction based on Isaiah 54.”

Following the meeting, members of the World Pentecostal Holiness Fellowship convened and were able to utilize many of the ideas and suggestions from the task force meetings. The WPHF committee developed further mechanisms for global IPHC leaders to meet for prayer, vision, and cooperative ministry around the globe.

Beacham said the possibilities these meetings present for the global IPHC family are exciting.

“The focus on prayer, scripture, and the shared ways that the Lord is working through our IPHC family is inspiring,” he said. 

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