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Metro Ministries Distributes Relief to Unreached Areas of New York City

Metro Ministries Distributes Relief to Unreached Areas of New York City

Posted on: November 6, 2012
DRUSA and Women’s Ministries unite to assist the inner-city ministry in responding to Sandy.
Written by: 
Bill Terry
Metro Sidewalk Sunday School Trucks Heading Out

Late Monday evening, Penny Hollenbeck of Metro Ministries sent the following report to DRUSA officials:

“Dear Dr. Beacham, Mr. Terry, and everyone at the IPHC,

“Thank you so much for notifying us about the offering that is coming! Thank you so much! It will be a blessing to us.

“We are continuing this week with being able to give out more relief. (see the photo of the sidewalk trucks going on delivery) Last week we were able to reach 3,000 families and plan on doing the same this week ... another 3,000 families. We are also going to be able to deliver hot meals towards the end of this week. We are really in need of hygiene kits, so I am excited about getting the truckload that Sherrie called about today from the [Women’s Ministries department] at the IPHC. (Tamé, Thank you!) We will make sure it gets delivered ASAP!

“Please pray for our staff––we are going into areas in Red Hook and Coney Island in public housing where no relief folks have gotten to yet, and it is a bit stressful as we are also dealing with local gangs and drug dealers who have taken over as there are no authorities yet. Our staff is simply wonderful and care so much for the kids and adults on their sites. …”

“I appeal to the IPHC family for prayer covering and intercession for the disaster relief and response efforts in New York City,” said DRUSA National Coordinator Bill Terry. “Your financial donations are needed at this time for the Hurricane Sandy Relief fund. Thank you for standing with DRUSA in this critical hour.”

Hurricane Sandy Relief


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