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Meeting the Global Challenge Through the Power of the Spirit Part 5 of 7

Meeting the Global Challenge Through the Power of the Spirit Part 5 of 7

Posted on: April 16, 2012
Written by: 
Doug Beacham

Challenge 7: Energy Resources. The global challenge facing all nations is finding abundant, affordable supplies of eco-friendly energy (14).

Challenge 8: Political Rights and Civil Liberties. The three great threats globally are nationalistic dictatorships, collapsed states, or Muslim states that implement shari’a law. Issues of economic slavery and human trafficking are gaining global interest and it is estimated there are more economic slaves today than ever in human history.
Another issue relates to wide-spread persecution of Christians, even in the so-called Western democracies. It is estimated that 200 million Christians live in social and political conditions of persecution.
Challenge 9: Water Resources. UN estimates that in 2003 over 40% of the world’s population did not have access to clean water or lived in areas with serious water pollution (18).

To these nine that Johnstone listed, I would like to add a few more Challenges.

Challenge 10: The Relationship Between the West and the Rest. This is not only among charismatic/pentecostal groups but perhaps more importantly among the historic churches. Roman Catholics and Anglicans are growing significantly in the Global South and are outpacing their northern hemisphere brethren. A critical issue remains related to allocation of resources. The West still has, and controls, most of the resources, while the Global South is the strongest and most resilient.

Second, and somewhat related to the first, how will the liberal sexual standards of Western Christianity stand in light of the more conservative southern presence and witness? This is directly related to Anglicans and Lutherans more than any other group at this point. It is pointedly related to acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Even in areas of South America, in spite of its strong Catholic presence, same-sex marriage has been legalized in several countries. It is likely the Anglican Communion will break apart by the 2018 Lambeth Conference.

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