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Bishop Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr., Passes Away

Bishop Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr., Passes Away

Posted on: September 20, 2012
Bishop Carpenter died after an extended battle with melanoma.
Written by: 
Mégan Alba
Bishop Carpenter died after an extended battle with melanoma.

Update: Experience magazine will feature a special tribute to Bishop Carpenter in our November / December issue. Our October issue includes the article below. 

Bishop Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr., passed away Thursday, September 20 following an extended battle with melanoma. He was 64 years old. 

Carpenter battled melanoma four times in the past 20 years. His most recent diagnosis came during his inaugural term as presiding bishop.

"There has not been a more passionate leader in the IPHC than Bishop Ronald Carpenter, Sr.," said Presiding Bishop Doug Beacham. "He had a heart of gold, which drew me and thousands of others to him. His heart and life were an open book. In his integrity there were never hidden agendas. I've often thought that Bishop Carpenter exemplified the description of Israel’s King David and Jesus’ observation about Nathaniel in the Gospel of John – a man after God's heart in whom there is no guile."

Carpenter was a native of Rocky Mount, N.C., where he was reared in the Pentecostal Holiness Church. He was converted and called into the ministry at 16 years old.

Carpenter served the IPHC for more than 35 years as a pastor, college professor, conference leader, and as a general executive. He was also an educated theologian and a highly sought-after speaker. In 2009, Carpenter was elected general superintendent and presiding bishop of the IPHC at the 26th General Conference.

“My greatest desire for the IPHC is that it will make a significant difference in lives and in history,” said Carpenter in a previous interview.  “I want this church a hundred years from now to have left a legacy, tracks in the sand, impacted cities, changed communities, and transformed the atmosphere of America. I want this denomination to be a 21st-century church that is relevant, dynamic and demonstrative.”

In July 2012, Bishop Carpenter resigned his post as general superintendent, citing health reasons and side effects from melanoma medication.

He is survived by his mother, Pauline Bissette Turner; his wife, Mrs. Nan Hale Carpenter; son, Ronald Carpenter, Jr.; daughter, Jewell (Carpenter) Wilson; five grandchildren, and one great-grandson.

“The IPHC global family mourns with Mrs. Nan Carpenter, their daughter Jewell, and son Ron Carpenter, Jr., and their families. But we also rejoice with them in knowing that Bishop Carpenter is fully alive and well in the presence of Jesus!” said Presiding Bishop Beacham. 

The funeral took place Tuesday, September 25 at Redemption World Outreach Center. To watch an archive of the service, go here. 

Bishop Ronald W. Carpenter's Obituary

Dr. Ronald Wayne Carpenter, Sr. of 204 Branchester Ct., Greenville, SC 29607, went home to be with the Lord on Thursday, September 20, 2012.

Born May 16, 1948 to Joseph David and Pauline Carpenter. Surviving loved ones are his faithful wife, Nan Hale Carpenter, of 46 years. His son and daughter-in-law, Ron Carpenter Jr. and Hope Hilley Carpenter. His daughter and son-in-law, Jewel Carpenter Wilson and Bill Wilson. Mother, Pauline Bissett. Sister, Sheila Risley. Five grandchildren, Austin and Avery Wilson, Chase, Chaz and Chanlin Carpenter and one great grandson, Zayden Carpenter.

Ronnie answered the call to preach at 16 years old and has served the Lord by serving the International Pentecostal Holiness Church for 48 years in various forms of leadership from Pastor, College Professor, Upper South Carolina Conference Superintendent, Evangelism USA Director and lastly, presiding Bishop of the IPHC at the 26th General Conference. He will always be remembered for his humble spirit and giving nature. He was a strong leader yet a gentle man.

He was small in stature but a giant in the spirit. He will truly be missed by all that knew and loved him.

Visitation of Friends will be held Monday evening from 6:00-9:00 and the funeral service will be Tuesday at 2:00p.m. both at Redemption World Outreach Center, 635 Haywood Rd., Greenville, SC 29607. The family will gather at the Carpenter home.

Donations can be made in Dr. Carpenter's honor to: Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International (RMFI), 74 Byrdland Drive, Greenville, SC 29607, for the training of leaders and spreading the gospel of Jesus all over the world.



Deeply saddened by the passing of Bishop Carpenter. He has imparted to me and Greg and positioned us to reclaim the inheritance of IPHC in Hawaii. Our love and prayers to Ms Nan and the entire family. Hawaii Pacific Realm District-IPHC in Kailua, HI salute the man of great influence and tremendous impact in this generation. Sir, you stand tall in my life and consider you a hero of faith. Thank you for your passion and the giving of yourself to God and to expand His kingdom here on earth. We love you and will miss you greatly.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Bishop Ron Carpenter. He was a man of great memory and integrity and loved life. We met him several years ago and saw him again a couple of years ago and he remembered our names which we thought was great. Bishop was a wonderful man of God and we agree with Bishop Beacham that he was a man after God's own heart as was David. We love you all.

My deepest sympathy is extended to your family during this time. We so enjoyed Brother Carpenter's ministry this past February at the Appalachian Conference's Minister meeting in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He will be sorely missed in this denomination but grandly welcomed in heaven!

Our love and sympathy goes out to Nan and the family. We rejoice with Brother Carpenter, a prince of a man. He was a great influence in our lives but more so to our son, Seth. Seth was 4 when he started dressing like him, quoting scripture like him, sang "Master of the Sea" with Bath P.H. Choir back up, he combed his hair like him, he was his idol. Thank you , Father for giving Brother Carpenter to us for a while. Thank you, family for sharing him with the millions that he touched.

We would like to thank God for the gift of Bishop Carpenters life here on Earth. The millions of People that you touched and will continue to always. Our love and Prayers go out to the Carpenter family.

My sympathies to Dr. Carpenter's family. My congratulations to Dr. Carpenter for his promotion to heaven, although I so wish we could have seen at least twenty more years of earthly service. I heard Dr. Carpenter last August preach at the home going celebration of Dr. J.D. Simmons. Who would have thought that 14 months later, they would be fellowshipping again in glory? What a great, great, great man of God.

Our deepest sympathy to the Carpenter family , we in the Western Cape are saddened by the loss of a true general in the faith, yet happy to know there is no more suffering. He was prepared and ready as those days when he told others to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We are with you in your time of mourning, but we do not mourn as those who are without hope.

We truly love the Carpenter family who are life long friends of our family and my father, the late Dr. Thomas Mason, Sr. They have stayed in our home, and stood beside my father in his ministries. Dad and Bro. Ron attened Holmes together, and my father loved him dearly as well as Nan and the rest of the family. You guys are so special to us. We can empathize with what you are going through, and you are so in our prayers. We are also here for you. We love you guys!!

Bishop Carpenter will certainly be missed! What a great man of God! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time of great loss!

He was a wonderful person to all who knew him. I worked with him when he was pastor in Belton,SC and I worked at WHPB radio station. He is in Heaven and we will all see him again. My prayers to the family.

To the Carpenter Family...sorry to hear of your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


My deep sympathies go out to Dr. Carpenter and his family in this time. As a young minister, Dr. Carpenter truly made an impression on me after only knowing him for a few moments. I know I along with many others miss him very much. He is truly someone who is enjoying his Jesus today and forevermore.

Truly the mighty have fallen today. Dr. Carpenter was a great inspiration to Rita and I. I will always remember him as a great leader who always had the time for everyone. Our deepest sympathies go out to the Carpenter family. Today, heaven just became a better place. Jim and Rita Zenger

He will be missed. Dr. Carpenter was always such a help and comfort to me. He was a great mentor and leader to me in my ministry work.

Our love and prayers are with Bishop Carpenter's family.

My sympathy goes out to the entire Carpenter family during this difficult time. Bishop Carpenter spoke at my son's baccalaureate service. He prayed a powerful prayer over each and every graduate. It is a service I will never forget.

Thanks to God, first for calling and gifting Bro Carpenter. Bro Ron, used this calling and these giftings to lead the IPHC into a thriving direction. Our hearts are saddened from an earthly prospective, but our hearts leap for joy, from a spiritual prospective of where Bro Ron is tonight as I type this message. I pray that God brings tremendous comfort to the hearts and lives of his precious wife, Nan and all his children, grand children, and great grandchild. Bro. Ron will be sorely missed within the IPHC and the world.

So very sorry for your loss. He was a great man that planted seeds every where he went. He was an humble servant with a compassionate heart for the world. My prayers are for you Nan and the rest of the family. He loved you so much!!

Bishop Carpenter was our Conference Superintendent in 1984 when we began our marriage and pastoral ministry simultaneously in the Upper South Carolina Conference. He made such an impression upon us then as being genuinely interested in the well being and concerns of the pastors under his oversight. We were encouraged often by him and will never forget the first sermon we heard him preach at Gum Springs PHC regarding the awesome love of God! He preached it as though he passionately believed and trusted in this divine attribute. What an impact he has made upon so many of us! We will always hold his memory in high regard.

Peace to You, Sending our Condolences As happy as we are that Bishop is no longer restrained by the confines of this body and world, we are equally saddened. He had such a fatherly way about him that made you feel completely loved and accepted. And speak - nobody could shuck the corn quite like him!! Bishop could speak/teach for four hours and never lose a hearer. I mean, you didn't even want to use the restroom for fear you'd miss some nugget of truth. Bishop inspired love and passion for God, the Gospel and souls. He added great value to our lives. There's a serious void in the body today. We loved Bishop and he'll be sorely missed. Our hearts and prayers are with you Mrs. Nan, Ron and family. Blessings, peace, much love...

Bishop Carpenter has been a powerful leader and an anointed voice in the body of Christ, especially at The Celebration Center of Belpre. He is a treasured gift to the IPHC and to the body of Christ in general and will be sorely missed. I can only imagine the heart felt joy that He is experiencing in the presence of His Lord and Savior. How the angels must be rejoicing that a General of the faith has crossed the finish line. Shortly before his passing his family ask him how he was doing, his simple, but profound reply was "I am walking along the river looking for a place to cross." I have never met a man that believed in you and prayed for you anymore than Bishop Carpenter. I am convinced that his prayers and his ministry will continue to impact us for years to come, right up to the time of our happy reunion in glory!

Loving, caring, truly interested in people, relating to them so that they responded to him, these are the qualities that went beyond all of the other necessary characteristics and achievements that caused IPHC to choose him as our Presiding Bishop!!! Bishop Carpenter, we will miss you! Carpenter family, you have our love and our prayers!

No more pain or suffering, he is now reaping the rewards of his lifetime of commitment to Christ. Y'all are in my prayers as it is hard to let go,however we all know it is only a short time till you will all be together again. Continue his great works Ron, as you are already doing. Love you all.

me,and my family whould like to send ur deepest thought's,and prayer's out the whole carpenter family. we pray God's comfort,and grace during ur time of lost.

Im so sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a mighty man of God! I pray for your family during this time of sorrows. Thank you all for sharing your family with the world. Love ya'll and I appreciate and admire all that ya'll do as a family... I praise God for all of you!

Our words are few right now. We feel privileged to have known him. God has enriched our lives through our beloved Bishop. We watched him, learned from him and now we will emulate him. He was a true servant-leader.

My prayers are with my Pastor Apostle Ron Carpenter Jr and his family during this time.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Nan, Ron Jr, Jewel and all of their families!! I've been blessed to have known Dr. Ron Sr for many years...I will NEVER forget when he was the Upper SC Conference Superintendent and would come down to the campground cafeteria during lunch time in a 3-piece suit. He was a true gentleman! He could preach like none other and I believe I could literally listen to him for hours on end. I had the privilege of growing up with Jewel at youth camp and to be at Emmanuel College along with Ron Jr. and his wife, Hope (Hilley) Carpenter. My heart is heavy for them and Mrs. Nan. Praying for peace and comfort in the days and months ahead. I can picture him running in Heaven with his glorified body and shouting with the many great saints and former Bishops who've gone on before!! I can't wait for the day when we will all be united and are able to worship at the feet of Jesus!! RIP Dr. Ronald Carpenter Sr...you will be truly missed, but not forgotten! Love, Meshael [Williams] Brancker

The church lost a great leader today. Bishop Carpenter was an incredible mentor, leader an friend to all who knew him. He had a gift for making you feel important and believing in the plan God had for your life. Our prayers go out to his family. Thank you for sharing him with us. We are eternally grateful!

Mrs. Nan and family, tonight the news is circulating through the North Carolina Conference of the home going of Bishop Carpenter. Our hearts and prayers go out to God for you and the family. Our gratitude is going up to heaven for the life and leadership of Bishop Carpenter. It was a high honor to serve on the Council of Bishops while he led this movement toward excellency and frutfulness in kingdom work. We in N.C. are greatful he was a native of our state and a leader of the IPHC. Our prayer cover is over you.

The Greatest Preacher of the Gospel in my lifetime. A Pastor's Pastor..... and a Man that lit up the room he was in. To Bishop Carpenter's family.... The world is sad... but heaven is Cheering. Our Prayers and thoughts are with you.

I attend Redemption World Outreach Center under Pastor Ron Carpenter, Jr. We all came to love the Bishop through Pastor Ron. I just wanted to offer My deep sympathy and prayers to the Carpenter family during this time. May you feel God's peace.

i offer my prayers and condolences during your time of sadness and loss. God bless you.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Carpenter family. May you take solace in knowing Bishop Ron Carpenter is walking the streets of gold tonight and rejoicing with Our God and all those saints who have gone before. I pray for peace, strength, comfort and grace for your family in the days to come.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Carpenter family I know it feels likes you have suffered the greatest lost and you have but Heaven just receievd the most precious gain. I love you Apostles Ron and Hope your family is certainly in my prayers.

I rejoice in the knowledge of knowing that the BIshop has made it home and all is well. Family, you and the church have suffered a great loss, but rest assured that God will bring us hrough this. It is well with my soul!

Our Thoughts and prayers go out to the Carpenter family. Bisoph Carpenter was a great friend and brother in Christ. Amazing man of God. He will be greatly missed.

Our prayers and our condolences for all the family, we will miss him he was a grade man of God and very dear friend, but now he is with Jesus in his heavenly home, he just when ahead of us God bless you all Carpenter family. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 18Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

Dr. Carpenter literally changed the course of our lives when he ordained Steve many years ago. Several times he spoke life into us across from a table at a restaurant or just in passing. He always took time out for us. He was instrumental in helping us plant churches. We will miss him greatly and pray for peace for Nan and the family.

The Morphis Family's prayer is that the Carpenter family have God's perfect peace with them in this time of morning and deep sadness for their loss. May God cause Bishop's legacy to carry on throughout generations! Amen

Our condolences to the Carpenter family. It was our privilege & honor to be ordained ministers by the late Bishop Ron Carpenter, Sr. last August in West Palm Beach, Florida . We are saddened by your loss. We pray you find comfort in the arms of Jesus, for he cares for you. Our prayers for your family. God bless you.

God has called a General Home. ....I pray for Strength and Understanding....Apostle Ron,Hope it's Ok to cry and be upset just know you guys are COVERED Carpenter FamIly...with Luv from The Tisdale Family.....

Our prayers are with the entire Carpenter Family at this time and we will continue to pray for peace and comfort in the days to come. Bishop Carpenter will live forever in our hearts... He is healed now and he has seen Jesus..

Our condolences and prayers for the family. Bishop Carpenter had a great impact on our church when he ordained my sons in the ministry. He was a man of hard work, now he is with his Master who he loved with whole his heart. Be comforted, be strengthened - you, his family, now in this time of loss. We are with you in praying for you.

To comfort you in your time of loss. Streets of pure gold, Gates made of pearl, Only in Heaven, Not of this world. A loved one left this earth today, and Jesus bid him, "Come and Stay", As the gates of Heaven opened wide, The angels ushered him inside. Yes, the family's heart is heavy, Because their loved one's gone, In heaven now with Jesus, Dancing 'round the throne. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD." Written by: Elizabeth Hancock at the Home going of Bishop Ronald Carpenter. September 20,2012

Praise God Bishop, your work on earth is through, you now walk with Jesus, RIP until we meet again...

It was a very troubling day when we first heard of Bishop Ron's plight with cancer. We have prayed, like so many have, for God to spare his life and let him be with us a little longer...but the Lord had a better plan...to bring him up to a higher level in God's eternal economy. May God's comfort, peace, and strength grace you, Mrs. Nan, Ron,Jr., Jewelle, and the entire family. Mrs. Nan, we cherish the many times our paths have crossed in fellowship with you and the Bishop. Grace be multiplied.

God bless each of you in the loss of the Patriarch of your family. I firmly believe that even though Dr. Carpenter was a good minister, disciple, leader, husband, dad, granddad, and friend...the title that mattered the most on September 20, 2012 is the one he gained when he gave his life to the Lord.....He was a great "child of God" He left a legacy that has gone down through several generations and will continue doing so for a long time to come. God bless you in your grief. Our thoughts and prayers are with you

Am extremely saddened by the passing on of Bishop Carpenter,he was a great man of God who had a great vision for IPHC globally.And as the church and as a youth in this great congregation, we shall surely miss him so much.May His Soul Rest In Peace.


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