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Aldersgate Press Hopes to "fuel the holiness movement into the future"

Aldersgate Press Hopes to "fuel the holiness movement into the future"

Posted on: March 21, 2012


GLENDORA, CA –After nearly a year of work, Kevin Mannoia, Chair of the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium (WHC), announces the formation of Aldersgate Press, the Publication Arm of the WHC as “a means to fuel the Holiness movement into the future.” 

In February of 2011, the WHC released two books to test the viability and need for new books written in the Wesleyan Holiness stream of the church targeting informed lay leaders and pastors seeking new and practical material centered in this heritage.  Maximum Faith, written by George Barna, andMasterful Living, written by Kevin Mannoia, were released as a joint effort between WHC Publications and Metaformation, the network of George Barna’s latest initiatives.  The books were well received and responses indicated a need for new writing that is practical and centered on a re-articulation of the Holiness message.

When Mannoia proposed the idea of a publishing arm to the WHC Board and Steering Committee, it was quickly adopted as a project to launch.  On June 30, 2011, the Board of the WHC formed a Publications Team to guide the development of the new press.  The Inaugural meeting of this team the following August addressed issues of name, composition, and operational structures.  At the WHC’s November Steering Committee, affirmation of the work accelerated the process. 

The Publications Team composed of Barry Callen (chair), George Barna, Kevin Mannoia, Don Thorsen, Marlene Chase completed the formative work by adopting an agreement hammered out by Mannoia and Laurence Wood of Emeth Press to serve as the operational partner for Aldersgate.  This arrangement allows Aldersgate Press to continue in the spirit of the WHC to remain largely network based and fulfill its unique priorities.

Mannoia says of the initiative, “From the inception the intention was to have a ‘pipeline’ of new material as an extension of the WHC.  And, we want to be very author friendly providing higher royalties than traditional publishers.  Most importantly, our hope is to give voice to new and young authors who have something relevant and practical to say from a Wesleyan Holiness perspective.”

Aldersgate Press will provide a communication channel of the WHC for nurturing Christian leaders around practical themes of holiness and to encourage a new generation of writers in focusing on the growing interest in transformed Christian living through appropriating the holiness of God in lives, cultures, and structures.

The four-step editorial process can be found on the website and ensures a rigorous review of every manuscript and proposal for consistency with the mission and values of the Press.  Barry Callen, Editor of Aldersgate Press says: “Aldersgate Press is now ready to do some serious business. Whether or not the person is a well-known author is less important than whether he/she has something compelling to say that fits the mission of our Press and is needed by today's church.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE: www.AldersgatePress.org  OR www.HolinessAndUnity.org


This is great news! A renewal of Wesleyan-Holiness writing is in desperate need throughout the Church. I am excited to see the fruitful works that come out of this new initiative.

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