Friday, April 25, 2014
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Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Global Outreach (GO): "Go" is the mandate Jesus gave His church moments before He ascended to heaven. It’s also the annual IPHC offering to reach the nations. As such, it’s a way you can participate in going into all the world to share the Good News with every creature, baptizing those who believe.

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Why support Global Outreach? When you give to GO, you give to reach the 300 million people who live in the United States and the more than 6 billion who live elsewhere. Your gift to Global Outreach goes to reach the nations. 

It’s flexible. Other missions offerings fund the sending of missionaries and specific projects, but Global Outreach’s unique role is to be the flexible offering that goes where it is needed most. 

It’s fast. When a door on the field opens, Global Outreach can help provide immediately. The availability of funds helps ensure that souls who can be won won’t be lost because of a lack of access to funds.

It’s fruitful. Gifts to Global Outreach make ministries chosen to receive project funds more fruitful by supplying buildings, materials and other resources needed to lead people to Christ.

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How is Global Outreach spent? 75% of the GO offering is disbursed by World Missions Ministries to missionaries and national workers for ministry projects, churches, outreaches, developing new works, and promotion. 25% of the GO offering is used by Evangelism USA to plant and develop churches in America.

How much should I give? Every IPHC adult is challenged to give at least a Day’s Wage to the Global Outreach offering. A median Day’s Wage for an American worker was $124 (based on the median personal income of $32,140 reported by the U.S. Census Bureau for 2007). Since America is a very prosperous nation when compared to much of the world, the gift of a Day’s Wage can make a tremendous impact overseas. We have been blessed to influence and help change the world around us. As Christians, we have the responsibility to share our faith and its blessings with others (Gal. 3:8-9).

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