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GM Download Center

GM Download Center

On this page, you will find links to other pages with specific files to download about that specific topic. Read the paragraph to learn what you'll find on that link and then click on the colored text to access that page. Most of these apply across the board to all clubs in Girls Ministries. You will also find club specific information on the mpact and tgm leader resource pages.

New Girls' Ministries Songs. The Missionettes song has now been replaced with a new song (by the Assemblies of God GM Department). It is not currently sold on CD, but is available as a free download from their website. Click here to go to that page to download and start using the NEW songs. You should no longer be singing the Missionettes song. It's old school! All of the individual club songs, however, are still the same.

Girls' Ministries Week Program Ideas. A packet of ideas is usually mailed to churches with chartered girls clubs from the conference GM director. If, however, you did not get a copy or would like extra copies, you can download the various resources from this page. The annual theme can be developed by using the program ideas. The offering that you receive on Girls' Ministries Day is split 50/50 between the local church and conference treasuries.

Club-Related News When changes or additions occur within a specific club, we highlight those changes on the "Club-Related" News page and create a pdf file which can be downloaded. These pdf files provide specific details about the changes or additions and diagrams, if applicable.

Forms for Chartering & Reporting Girls' Ministries groups should charter annually through their respective conferences and then complete a quarterly report form for the conference GM. The conference, in turn, reports to the general office. These forms can be downloaded below according to your needs by clicking on the appropriate icon below. Contact your conference GM director for mailing information.

  • Girls' Ministries Annual Charter Application
  • GM Quarterly/Annual Report Form for the Local Church
  • GM Quarterly/Annual Report Form for the Conference

Parent Preview Pages On this page, you will find pdf files to help you promote the girls clubs. One file highlights all seven clubs (on a single page) while the others highlight each individual club. These are great for distributing at a neighborhood event, in a church newcomer's packet, or at the beginning of the Girls' Ministries year. They can be copied as needed.

Tips & Trends On this page, you will find links to pdf files of the older quarterly one-page publication. It was designed to help leaders stay in touch with Girls' Ministries tidbits and trends that might affect your ministry to girls. This publication has recently been merged into a monthly newsletter available to anyone interested by signing up in the right-hand column.

IPHC Experience Articles. The IPHC Experience magazine is the denominational magazine for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Women's Ministries is featured in each issue (10 issues per year). By clicking here, you will be taken to the page where those WM-specific articles are listed by month. As soon as the new issue has been released, any new article related to Women's or Girls' Ministries will be added to the page, so be sure to check back on a regular basis.

Download Girls' Ministries Artwork. Click on the subtitle to download other logos that are compressed into a self-extracting file. After the file downloads, double-click to automatically extract the image files. Images include PenFriends, GMS girl, and five baby pictures for the Baby Hope Club.

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